Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Walk

She came out from rehabilitative therapy stiff and sore, but she walked down the hallway! Yes, she moved slowly, almost as if made from china. But Nicole walked. I went and got the car and it was almost surreal to drive up and see her standing and waiting for me. Her left leg is weak and her right thigh is still somewhere in the process of returning to normal. Her back is stiff, she does better with bending forward than leaning back. Yet with all of this, she is so much further along than we ever imagined she would be at this point in her recovery. The fusing of the bones in her pelvis has been as near to perfect as anything you would hope for.

Are there fears and dangers ahead? Sure, there are. In these early days of mobility Nicole needs to be extremely careful that she does not fall or isn't bumped. She needs to fight to recover without pushing herself too far. And she needs to fight the discouragement of working hard in therapy and then after paying the price in discomfort.

The walk of recovery isn't simply about physical exercise. If physical recovery were only about physical recovery, physical recovery would be so much easier. The process of recovery from serious injury and all the suffering it entails runs deeper than the organs, bones, and muscles. It is a walk of the heart as well. It is the walk of determination, the walk of hope, the walk of faith, the walk of patience, and the walk of persistence. All are needed in order for the physical exercise to do its work. As Nicole walks, our prayer is that she will walk the deeper walk as well.


Blogger Mike and Susan Vinskofski said...

There are really no words to accurately describe our feelings, but we are just compelled to let you know how much joy we feel at this wonderful news.

8:29 AM  
Blogger Thor Knutstad said...

As we know in the world of pastoring and counseling, isn't it such a light joy when those we love well begin to walk again? I am encouraged by the news of answered prayer - and by the progress that you are witnessing. May you be pleasantly surprised by all the moments Father gives you...

10:35 AM  
Blogger Tim Manzer said...

Dear Paul,
A friend of my guided me to your blog. I will be praying for your daughter as your family travels that long road of recovery.
In 2002 I was in an awful accident as I returned from a wedding rehearsal. I broke 18 bones including my pelvis, both arms, crushing my left leg and many other injuries.
The long pathway to recovery was a huge blessing in my life and God has done wonders. I spent a year and a half in PT and OT. One of my doctors excepted Christ and the girl that caused my accident is now a friend and attends my small group. I have prayed for blessing through the pain and God has done more then I ever dreamed.
Tim Manzer

5:46 AM  

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