Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Nicole stood and took a few steps Monday for the first time since her accident! She moved haltingly and hasn't left her wheelchair since. This is a remarkable achievement given the severity of the injuries she sustained May 19th. Again, we are very grateful for every step of progress she makes.

One of the observations Nicole immediately made after being upright, was that things looked smaller. She had become used to viewing life from the perspective of looking up from her wheelchair without really being aware of it. She only became aware once she was standing and looking at life from that perspective.

Difficulty does this, it changes your perspective. In ways that are subtle and not so subtle, it alters the way you see your world. Perhaps it causes you to look at your world through the lens of fear and dread. Or maybe it makes you look at life through the window of profound questions that you have never asked before. Or you may look at life through the lens of envy, now even more aware of what others have that you do not. Or difficulty may give you the eyes to be thankful for little things that you wouldn't have previously acknowledged. Difficulty may lead you to look at your world through the lens of doubt, calling age old beliefs into question. Or it may encourage you to see your world through the eyes of faith as you are now more aware than ever of God's presence and help. Or difficulty may just blind you, leaving you only able to see your own suffering. Or it may give you better sight, now more able to see and relate to the needs of others.

Suffering will alter your vision in some way. This is both one of its dangers and one of its gifts. Our prayer for us and Nicole is that this moment of difficulty will not leave us visually impaired but with an enhanced ability to see.


Blogger Martha said...

It must seem at times a very long and lonely road to travel. May it help to know you are still in the thoughts and prayers of your brothers and sisters in Christ. We do not walk the road alone, we are in the journey together.

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