Friday, August 11, 2006


It was a good night. We ordered Chinese, Nicole dug through old boxes of stored "stuff", and we did a lot of laughing. It was nice to see Nikki's smile and fun to enjoy her unique sense of humor. There was something fundamentally mundane and normal about the moment. There was no discussion of injuries, recovery, therapy, or physicians. There was no talk of lawyers, courtrooms, charges and judges. There was no looking back at the tragedy that happened and no looking forward to what may be. It was simply a very normal moment enjoyed by parents and their 24 year old daughter.

There will be many days to come that are anything but normal. There are many physical and medical hurdles ahead. There are tons of legal questions unanswered. There will be moments of discouragement and pain. We will not always agree on what is and what should be. There are hugely important decisions to be made. And significant steps to be taken. There is wonderment about what life after the wheelchair will be like. There are questions about the long-term physical effects of Nicole's accident. There are many appointments and hearings to come. But last night was normal; Chinese food, old stuff, and laughter.

When you are going through long-term difficulty normal is never really normal. No, it's a precious gift received with gratitude by people once who wondered if they would ever have normal back again.


Blogger Karen Hevesy said...

I had a friend with cancer and one time she remarked that what she missed most was just, being normal. She said she didn't want the cancer to be the first thing she thought in the morning and the last thing she thought of at night. Here's to being..normal. Did you ever think that would seem so appealing? Just to let you know we are praying for you.

4:16 PM  
Blogger Libby said...

My mom has battled MS for years, and often we forget what normal is. It's those precious moments when my dad sneaks her cheesecake or chocolate that all seems "right" in the Turek household. But God faithfully reminds us that His plan is not typical, but it is best. Normal, we long for; yet, He gives as He sees fit.

7:13 PM  

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