Friday, August 25, 2006


We just don't like to live with limits. We all tend to buy into the delusion of our own invincibility. We want to think that we are better off than we are and can do more than we can. We don't like weakness, frailty, and pain. We all want to be able to set goals and be free of obstacles in the way. But we live in a world where pain exists and bad things happen. Our bodies do get broken and weakness is a daily reality. And when trauma has broken the body, the road back is often a long one.

Nicole is up and walking! It is an amazing thing! It is a reality deserving both gratitude and celebration! But she is not walking like you or I would walk. Her legs and feet have not borne weight since the morning of her accident, and so they are weak and unaccustomed to exercise. So what happens is that the excitement of mobility is quickly tempered by the onset of the soreness that follows.

We went for a slow walk with Nicole on Tuesday in Valley Green. Valley Green is in the upper section of Fairmount Park in Philadelphia and has a wide walking trail that runs along the Wissahickon river. It is so lush and wide that you have no sense that you are in the middle of the city. We really didn't walk that far and we surely took our time, yet on Wednesday Nicole awoke to such pain in her feet that she had to cancel her therapy for that day. It was a bit of a wake-up call.

Yes, Nikki is walking. And, yes, we are thankful. But we all must remember that she is walking with limits. Limits that will remain with her for a while.


Blogger gr8ful4life said...

Paul and family,

Greetings! I'm a member at Covenant Fellowship Church. Recently I was informed by my Community Group leaders wife of the events that have affected your lives. Today, I logged on to read your blog to find out more about the tragic event. After glancing at a few entries I found scrolling at a steady pace toward the bottom of the page. Finally, I read the very first entry. I don't think words are adequate in expressing the sadness and mourning that one feels for you folks. My only experiences with the Tripp family are a brief meeting with Luella, hearing about the family in Paul's preachings, and a brief conversation after a Sunday service with Paul that had a great effect on me! But I am always hearing wonderful things from people who's lives have been touched by yours. Praise God for the way He uses His children in each others lives.

Then, I made my way right back to the top of the page. It seemed logical, of course, to read the most recent post after reading the original. What a TREMENDOUS difference! Nicole is walking, albeit a painful walk, but a glorious celebration of progress, changes, God's mercy and grace. What love that our Father would care so much about you to get so deeply involved in your lives.

I must read more of your blogs. It will serve to remind me to pray for Nicole's continued progress and recovery and for the continued strength and grace for Paul and Luella. My deepest sympathies and prayers are with you.

God bless!

Eric Hart

4:07 PM  

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