Sunday, August 06, 2006

Let Justice be done

It is a quiet Sunday morning and I am preparing for an overnight trip to Dallas. I awoke thinking that we are on the cusp of a very important post-accident transition for Nicole.

Nicole's traumatic injuries and all that we have dealt with since, were the result of her being crushed against a wall by the driver of an SUV, who was both drunk and unlicensed. On Monday morning the first hearing of the criminal case involving Nicole's accident will begin. It will mean that Nicole will see the person who is responsible for her injuries, face to face, for the first time. None of us are able to predict what that will be like for Nicole. None of us knows what it will be like for Nicole to be the principal witness and be required to relive the horrible events of that terrible morning.

We would like Nicole to be able to experience whatever comfort may come from seeing justice done on her behalf. No one can take away her injuries. No one can give back her former life. No one can get her through recovery. No one can guarantee her future. No one can remove the horrendous days of suffering that she endured and the many, many days locked in her wheel chair and her bed. No one can remove the fears and concerns that plague us all. But justice can be done. It would be wonderful for the driver to receive a conviction of guilt.

So, our prayer for Monday is that:
- Nicole will have the strength that she needs as she faces the driver and testifies
- that Luella will have grace and wisdom as she supports Nicole
- and that justice will be clearly and decisively done.


Blogger martha said...

we will definitely pray to that end for your family during this difficult week(s) that justice will be done. martha

6:38 AM  

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