Monday, August 14, 2006


Difficulty is a woods and the trees are questions. They are everywhere you look and in the way of where you step. They keep you from moving in a direct line to anywhere and they shade way too much of the sun. The greater the difficulty,the deeper the woods, the deeper the woods, the more you long for the straight path and the bright sun that answers are able to bring. Now, difficulty is never without mystery because many of its questions cannot be answered, but it is wonderful when the answerable questions get answered!

It is our hope that this week will be a week of answers. Nicole has two therapy appointments and it will be interesting to see how she progresses through regular rehabilitative therapy. More significantly, she has Wednesday and Friday appointments with the doctors that are treating her legs and pelvis. It has been six weeks since Nicole saw either doctor. We all want to hear how she is doing and what the next step will be in the process of recovery.

No, we are not entitled to answers for all the questions we can generate. In fact, we are lovingly protected from answers that would overwhelm us. But it is a grace when an answer is able to dispel confusion, weaken fear, and strengthen hope. And in the middle of the woods of difficulty, it is wonderful to know, to understand, and to be able to plan.


Blogger Elyse Fitzpatrick said...

Paul -- Phil and I wanted you to know that we're continuing to pray for you, Luella and Nicole. May you know His grace. Elyse

7:08 PM  
Blogger C Wynne said...

Time to pull out the chainsaw!

7:20 AM  
Blogger Vicki Harris said...

Dear Paul,

I have had the priviledge of sitting under your teaching in various ways i.e. NANC training in Layfayette, IN, through books you've written, and most recently at a marriage retreat for our church, Covenant Fellowship in Hersey, PA. I feel as though I know your family (even though you do not know of me at all) because your family has touch my life. You have allowed God to use you and your family to teach of His goodness and grace. Even in times of great trial.

I wanted to share with you a way in which your blogs have been used to Glorify God. We have some close friends who lost their infant baby girl last month. The parents are believers and have been strong in their faith through this hard time, until last week. The mother of the infant was overcome with anger toward God, she knew this was a lack of faith but could not seem to gain control of how angry she was. You wrote a blog "These are the Days" that was such a great help in putting perspective on this. The fact that you wrote this during a time of your own great pain and suffering made it even more touching.

God is truly being Glorified through your trial. My husband and I are praying for you , Luella and Nicole.

God is good, all of the time!

Vicki Harris

7:38 PM  

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