Friday, July 21, 2006

Water, Water Everywhere

Well, yesterday it was finally worked out. Nicole will be able to begin non weight-bearing aquatic therapy next week at a very well-regarded local rehabilitation hospital. It is very important to get her legs moving and active as her pelvic injuries are continuing to heal. We are thankful that Nicole can take this next step in her journey of recovery.

Last night as I was lying in bed, trying to get my mind to shut off so I could get some much needed sleep, I began thinking about water. What we have been going through is a lot like being tossed by the waves in the middle of a storm. You have those moments when you feel as though you are on the crest of the surf. Perhaps you've been given good medical news, or been encouraged by a gift, a card, or a meal, or maybe it has simply been a good day emotionally. In those moments it feels like the surf is carrying you. You can sense you are making progress.

Then there are those moments when you feel like you are in the deep valley between the waves. You are looking up at walls of water. You wonder which one will crash over you first and you think about how much progress will be lost when it does. Maybe the valley is just a tough day emotionally, or maybe it is disappointing news.

Often the feeling in your heart in times of difficulty is much like sea sickness. Not unlike the stomach of someone who has been riding the angry surf, your heart gets to the point that it's had all that it can take of the mountains and valleys of the surf. You simply feel tired of being tossed around and you long to be on the shore and out of the waves.

Pray that as we continue to ride the surf of Nicole's injury and recovery, we would remember that, although we are tossed, we are not totally adrift. Thankfully we do have an anchor and for that we are continually grateful.


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