Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The "was" and "what ifs"

Much has happened since the last post, July 6th. Friday and Saturday, July 7 - 8, we were busy with wedding details, desiring to make this a memorable wedding for our son, Justin. Justin and Amie were married Saturday, with Paul officiating the ceremony. It was a lovely and fun wedding and we were all thrilled that Nicole was able to attend. Six weeks ago we had no idea what to expect of this weekend and the wedding. Nicole was to be an attendant, but in the weeks following her accident decided she couldn't participate. We are so thankful for the progress she has made, making it possible for her to attend the wedding and reception, and celebrate. We are grateful for a friend, Savanna, who accompanied her as a friend and assisted her throughout the day and evening. This made it possible for Paul and me to enjoy the occassion and celebrate with Justin and Amie.

Oh, I forgot to mention that Friday evening I had an opening reception at the gallery for a new exhibition I had just installed last week as well. I was able to attend for about an hour and then drove to the wedding rehearsal. Some readers of this blog have asked about the gallery. It is Gallery Siano. Our web address is

Sunday afternoon Paul left for Australia for the week, returning this Saturday evening. It is his first trip to this beautiful country. Pray for safety as he spends many hours traveling and that he would be free to teach and speak. He is at a church in Sydney. I mention all of this, not to bore you with personal details, but to explain why there hasn't been an entry for almost a week.

Nicole and I are managing quite well. She was given a very large puzzle, 32 x 48". We have spent our evenings poured over this puzzle, sometimes quite frustrated trying to find that one piece to complete a section. Thanks Jody for the diversion.

One major concern at this time is the possibility of re-injury. Her loss of pain and ability to move around with greater ease creates a sense of over-confidence. This is the period when most re-injuries occur. Often, the results from re-injury are far more serious than the original injury. In Nicole's case, it could affect her ability to walk normally again, among other things. This is compounded by a serious case of "cabin fever", wanting to go out in her wheelchair with a friend or two, is a formula for a significant setback in her progress, IF anything were to happen. As parents, we keep thinking about the "what ifs". This reminds me of a previous blog titled "dreadification". I think we are still there. Our goal is to assist Nicole to full recovery as fast as physically possible, and to avoid situations that could result in delaying it. The challenges are new every day!

Picture - Nicole in one of her goofy moments!


Blogger Mike and Susan Vinskofski said...

Wonderful to see your lovely smile, Nicole.

2:20 PM  
Blogger pc957 said...

She is a very pretty girl. I remember her when she was little. God Bless Her Always!


7:32 PM  

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