Monday, July 24, 2006

A Break in the Action

Yes, in the middle of difficulty, that is what you often long for...somehow, someway there would be a momentary break in the action. Difficulty is demanding and all-consuming. Difficulty eats up your time, controls your schedule, and has a plan for your future. When you are in the middle of what you would have never chosen to be in the middle of, you feel both a loss of control and as if you are being controlled. You are never really free to choose and to do. No, difficulty means that there is one big thing that has entered your life that must be dealt with everyday.

So in the middle of difficulty's daily demands, you do hit those moments when you wish that there could be a little break in the action to rest, retreat, and recouperate. Thankfully Luella and I are going to get a break in the action for a few days. Once again we are the recipients of the kindness of friends who have invited us to the shore for a few days. We have been able to arrange care for Nicole while we are away. I am particuarly happy for Luella who has been going from early morning until early morning the next day since May 19th.

As we leave, I have not been able to quit thinking that for Nicole there is no break. She still remains the prisoner of her injuries. There are no exit ramps on her long road of recovery. She isn't able to forget the many things that she has lost. She cannot escape the profound questions of her future. And she awakes every day knowing that she will once again live the same day that she lived the day before until her injuries are healed and her strength is restored.

So pray for rest for us and grace for Nicole. Pray that she would have strength to fight both the inward battle of the heart and the outward battle of physical recovery, because right now for her, there really is no break in the action.


Blogger Zoanna said...

Sure will. Jealousy can be a daily emotion of the afflicted person, and yet caregivers need a break. I understand both points of view and will pray grace for all of you.

3:54 PM  

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