Wednesday, June 28, 2006


It has been a good week so far for Nicole. She has stepped down her medication and has been able to be relatively comfortable. She rests most of the day, allowing her body the time it needs to heal. Her spirits have been good, despite all that she is facing. Last night her brother Ethan and his wife Courtney came for supper and a evening of looking at Northern Ireland pictures. As I looked a Nikki in her wheelchair, I was reminded again of how far she has come since May 19. And then I got thinking about gratitude.

Earlier in the week, I passed by Nicole"s room, saw her sleeping soundly and I was filled with gratitude. She was breathing, she was with us, she is recovering, she is under good care, and it appears she will move around fairly normally when the long recovery is complete.

Gratitude is an interesting thing. There is so much we failed to be grateful for because there is so much that we fail to notice. You see, gratitude takes sightedness. The problem of ungratefulness often begins here. What happens is that we all get inflicted with the visual lethargy of regularity. Here is the dynamic, the more frequent and regular a thing is in your life, the less you will tend to be thankful for it. For example, you may be extremely grateful that you were able to buy a new car, but by the end of the first year, you have quit noticing how amazing it is that you are in possession of this wonderful mode of reliable transportation.

One of the benefits of difficulty is that it tends to give you eyes to see the many things, big and small, that are worthy opf your gratitude. Nicole's accident has awakened us from our visual lethargy, giving eyes to see many things for which we are grateful. We are thankful:

- For our house and the room we have to provide for Nicole to heal.
- For the physical body and the interdependent systems that God has created that give it an amazing healing capacity.
- For the flexibility of Luella and my work that has allowed us to attend to Nicole's needs.
- That we live in a big city where the finest of health care is available.
- For the worldwide community of friends and family who have supported us so well during this time.
- For a justice system that takes seriously the wrongs done against people like Nicole.
- For all the technologies that assist you as you cafe for a seriously injured person (indoor plumbing, computers, the refrigerator, the air conditioner, the television, the DVD, the cell phone, the washing machine, etc.)
- For spiritual truths that give insight and comfort when you face the unthinkable.
- For Starbucks (a place to get away that is not far away).
- For our sons who have loved us as we have tried to serve Nicole during this time.
- For brains that are able to process infromation and make decisions.
- For the ability to communicate those thoughts in words (even though convoluted at times).
- For emotions.
- For flowers that allow the beauty of creation to inhabit a place where it may otherwise be hard to see beauty.
- For a warm cup of tea and a chewy bagel (Nicole's favorite breakfast).
- For medications that have a mysterious ability to deminish pain.
- For Rusty, our dog, who provides Nicole with constant commpationship even though he doesn't understand what she is dealing with.

We do not wnat to be people who fail to take notice. We do not wnat to be people who become shockingly used to the riches we've been given. We hope that we will be able to continue to see, even the smallest of gifts, and in seeing be constantly grateful.


Blogger MARTHA SAGER said...

Good morning. Speaking of gratitude I just wanted to thank you for coming to S.D.last week for the IBCD conference. I know it was a difficult time to leave Nicole and your family.Please know I'll be praying for Nicole and your family in the days and weeks ahead. Martha Sager (Escondido--north of S.D.)

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