Saturday, June 24, 2006

Good News!

We have been both heartened and grateful for the prayers of people from around the world for Nicole during the five weeks following her accident. So we want to share with you some very good news.

Yesterday was a very important day for Nikki. It was her first doctor's appointment since her release from the hospital. This meant getting her safely into the car and dealing with the information that the scans of her injuries would afford.

We are very thankful for Chick and Steve who helped carry Nicole (in her wheelchair) down our many steps and into the car and for Savannah who went with Luella and Nicole to provide company and assistance.

The visit to the doctor was very encouraging. There has been no shifting of the many broken bones of Nicole's pelvis. Each break is properly alligned. This means no sugery necessary at this time. Also, Nicole is able to put 50 per cent weight down on her right leg. This is a milestone in her recovery.

There are still concerns with her left knee and an injury to her right thigh, so a visit will be scheduled to another specialist this week.

Nicole was feeling strong enough that Luella was able to take her and Savannah to an outside restaurant for a meal together. It meant so much to Nicole to actually be outdoors.

The next visit to the doctor caring for her pelvic injuries will be in six weeks. Until then, Nikki's routine will stay about the same. Although she will spend more time with a physical therapist, she will spend most of the day in bed, allowing her body to heal, and get into her wheelchair for a few hours in the evening.

I have a picture of Nicole a few days after her accident that is the background screen on my phone. It reminds me to pray for her every time is use the phone, but it also reminds me how far she has come from the shocking trauma of May 19. We know that Nicole has much healing yet to face, but we are deeply grateful to God for how well she has done so far and for all of you who continue to stand with us.

Please continue to pray for Nikki and for us as we care for her, day by day, in our home.


Blogger Craig Higgins said...

Thanks be to God for this encouraging report! You guys will continue to be in our prayers.

9:14 AM  
Blogger Rachel said...

Thanks for continuing to update us on Nicole's progress. I will continue to pray for her recovery.

12:19 PM  
Blogger eunia said...

that IS great news!

3:48 PM  

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